From the guy who made Retro Knight (yeah, that guy) comes a game that grows with you: Robot Gardens! Is it an adventure game? Is is a role-playing game? Is is a blasting-smashing-exposion-filled romp? It is a brawler? It is a simulation? It is all of those things.

Welcome to the wild continent of Egostica: an entire country full of huge cities, sprawling valleys, giant mountains, dry deserts, frozen tundras, and monsters, robots, and now you!

Having left the smaller island of Kingdomland cuz things were just too weird, you play as the unlucky heir to a farm that has never produced anything, a farm that you would quickly sell for taco money until you realize you have also inherited an obnoxious debt from GovTech: Egoistica's mighty 'democractic' government. Great. With no means to pay back the debt, you start to work the farm as best you can, soon accidentally discovering that the soil is toxic and will not grow plants ... but robot parts! What the hell? Can you make money selling robot parts? Can you make robots to go out into the world to find treasures while dealing with the pesky monsters that lurk in the countryside? Can you make robots to battle in the Big City Battle Arenas? You can do all those things! What you do in Egostica is up to you, just pay off that damn debt before GovTech takes your farm?

- Customize your robot with a new brain (health, power level), new armor (defense), new arms (weapons, power), and new legs (speed). Build up to eight different robots and swap them out for specific adventures!
- Full Farming Simulation keeps you coming back daily to tend to your crops. Grow robots for upgrades, sales, and maybe even one day food!
- Battle monsters out in the extremely expansive wilderness. Explore caves, cliffs, mountains, and ... castles?
- The world changes every day with new stores, new mini games, and new adventures! Treasures and contests will keep you competing against other farmers.
- Connect Robot Gardens to Retro Knight and swap foods and supplies with your friend Grudge (or Grudgette). You might find a sword in Robot Gardens which you can mail to Grudge! Crazy!
- Twelve different Starter Zones (States) make your experience different than your friends'. Unlock all twelve states!

Farming doesn't have to suck... especially when you're growing robots!

Can I customize my yard and let people visit?

Can I give my robot a red arm, a purple head, a blue arm, and black legs?

Can my robot shoot fireballs, icicles, laser beams, electricity, bombs, flares, blades, and other crazy stuff?


Can I play this game on my iPad, iPhone, Android, or on my computer?


Is this game turn-based or real-time?

Real time 1-player. Turn-based 2-player/online.

Is this a Freemium Game with In-App Purchases?

No! It will be $1.99 and ad-free. No required purchases otherwise. Possible In-App Purchases, but not likely.

How long will it take me to beat this game?

Months. However, while you can 'win', the idea is to just get as rich as possible. You will be able to buy some insane upgrades to your farm, including things like a teleporter, an arcade machine, and maybe livestock.

When can I give you my money?

Hopefully Fall 2019.
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